Spacer Ring, Silver

by In god we trustNew York City

72 €

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Two silver rings attached together by a bar with a slightly hand-hewn look. Makes a statement in all the right ways. Solid sterling silver. Rings measure at standard ring sizes 5-8, bar measures 1/2", metal is 2mm in diameter. Made in the USA.

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Inspired by everyday life, Tabor’s collections, whether clothing, jewelry, or interior design, embody her traditional New England upbringing, along with her obsession with collections, everything vintage, and her irreverent, often dark-witted, humor.
Since its inception in 2005, In God We Trust has evolved into a multifaceted brand, comprised of both men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, and accessories; private label collections, three brick and mortar locations in New York, an ecommerce site, as well as the newest collection, "Let's get serious," consisting of custom-made commitment and wedding bands.
Going against the grain of most brands, In God We Trust prides itself on manufacturing all of their designs exclusively in the USA. Currently all design and production of the In God We Trust jewelry collections is done in-house at their Greenpoint studio, and the apparel collections are produced either in the NYC garment district, or in-house in Greenpoint. They always strive to provide the highest standards of craftsmanship and service.
Tabor continues to be a strong supporter of other brands that have like-minded business goals. With this in mind, Tabor stocks the In God We Trust locations with other designers coinciding with her homespun aesthetic, such as The Hill-Side, Billy Kirk, and Maxx and Unicorn.