Solemates Outdoor Solutions - Shoe Rescue

by SolematesNew York City

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When Solemates just aren’t enough? Created for the shoe-lovers who never want to be caught in a rut... literally or figuratively.
Kit Includes
One Pair of Solemates, Nail Clipper & File, Peppermint Foot Wipe, Bandages (2), Shoe Cleansing Wipe, Nail Polish Remover Wipe, Ball of Foot Cushions (2), Anti-Skid Pads (2), Heel Gel Cushion (2)

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When Becca Brown was 17 years old, she, like so many other young women, was being photographed before her high school prom. Wearing heels for the first time in her life, she stood – or at least attempted to stand, in her parents’ front yard for the photo shoot. When the wobbling became a distraction, she and her friends decided to forgo the awkwardness and take the picture on the front steps of the house. It was at this moment that Becca thought to herself that there must be a better way for women to stand in the grass in heels.
Fast-forward about ten years, and Becca & Monica were sitting next to each other at Columbia Business School. When it came time to write a business plan in one of their classes, Becca shared her long guarded idea to create a product for high heels to protect them and prevent them from sinking into the grass. Monica, then in her mid-twenties was in the throws of wedding-fever. She was averaging ten to fifteen weddings a year and since at least half of them were taking place outside, she was very aware of the hazards that had befallen her shoes. The sensation of sinking into the grass – the feeling of helplessness as the heel ripped through the earth and became dirt encrusted was among her biggest annoyances.Relating immediately to Becca’s frustration, the two friends set out to create a product that would finally put an end to this costly and distracting problem. And so was born the Solemates High Heeler®!
Their dream became a reality when they launched their website and began to sell the product in one color and one size. As demand grew, and customer feedback became more dynamic, Becca & Monica rolled out new colors and new sizes. They didn’t want anyone to have to ruin their shoes or lose their balance when in high heels.